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Congratulations on making it to your final semester in the undergraduate engineering program!



Fall 2024 Graduation Application Deadline: September 13
Spring 2024 & Summer 2024 Graduation Application Deadline: January 31
If you are late to these deadlines you will still be able to graduate but your name may not appear in the graduation ceremony programs.


Instructions to File to Graduate

!! Failure to follow these instructions may result in issues with graduation !!

  1. Watch the CoE Graduation Check Video (Required). 
    1. Video covers information on:
      • 0:00 Checking Grad Requirements 
      • 1:27 Career Resources
      • 2:27 Ceremonies (Commencement & Convocation) 
      • 3:53 Order of the Engineering (Ring)
      • 4:39 Mid-semester actions required
      • 5:39 End of semester timeline
      • 7:01 What to do if you did not meet grad requirements 
      • 8:09 Ordering Transcript
      • 8:45 Diploma
      • 9:15 Letter of Confirmation (if needed)
    2. Download Slides from the Video
  2. Complete the CoE Graduation Check Google Form (Required). 
  3. Complete the Registrar’s Office Application for Degree Form  (Required). 
  4. Check your email for notification confirming that you are filed to graduate with next steps.

Questions or concerns should be directed to BOTH the Director of Academic Affairs Jill Nakatsu ( and the Student Academic Services Office ( 


Graduation Ceremonies

Engineering students have two graduation ceremonies that you can participate in to celebrate your academic achievement. Both graduation ceremonies are optional; you do not have to participate in them to graduate. If you do plan to participate, you will need to register for each one separately.

University of Hawaii at Mānoa Commencement

UH logo and cap and diploma clipart

Graduates taking a selfie

Commencement is UHM’s cap and gown ceremony for the whole campus (all majors). Participation in commencement is optional. The Commencement Office will email everyone who is filed to graduate. If you do plan to participate you will need to register.

Tentatively Scheduled: Saturday after Finals week

Location: Stan Sheriff Center

Attire: Cap and gown

More information and registration for commencement:

College of Engineering Convocation

College of Engineering and Order of the Engineer logos

Engineering graduates exiting Convocation ceremony

Convocation is the College of Engineering’s graduation ceremony for our engineering students. Participation in convocation is optional. However, if you would like to receive the Order of the Engineer ring, participation in Convocation is required to take the Oath of the Engineer during the ceremony. The CoE Student Academic Services Office will send an email with the registration details. If you plan to participate you will need to register.

Time/Date: Evening of the Friday of Final’s week

Tentative Location: Hawaii Convention Center (Spring semester)

Attire: Aloha attire

Registration for convocation: Link to convocation registration will be emailed to all students who have filed to graduate.


Keeping your UH email account after graduation

If you would like to keep your UH email account after graduation you can enroll in the ʻOhana Online services. Otherwise, your UH email account will be deactivated after the grace period.

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