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Mandatory advising is required each semester for all current UHM engineering students.

Registration Holds placed if advising is not completed by deadline!


Read the current year COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE HANDBOOK (updated F23) for important information on academic policies, prereqs, registration issues, general education requirements, and graduation.


Mandatory Advising: October 18, 2023 – November 8, 2023

Holds placed: November 9 (complete advising to avoid hold or to have hold removed)


Registration begins between Nov 13 – 17 for continuing students in order by earned credits (starting with seniors).

Your exact registration start time/date will be shown in STAR GPS.


Class availability viewable on October 24:

Class availability shows all classes being offered at each UH system campus. Also includes class information like seat availability, CRN, dates/times, location, instructor, and general education designation (like FG, WI, HAP, etc).


Who is my Advisor?

Your Faculty Advisor’s name and email address are provided on the CoE Advising Website

  • They may have posted instructions on the CoE Advising Website about how to set up an advising meeting
  • Otherwise, you can email them about how to set up an advising meeting
  • For all financial aid, VA, ROTC, minor, or exchange program forms please email a CoE Academic Advisor at Faculty Advisors cannot sign these forms


What do I discuss during mandatory advising with my advisor?

  • Your current courses and next courses
  • Prerequisites and Fall/Spring only courses
  • Discrepancies on your records (list them in discrepancies box)
  • Design Project courses
  • Declaring a track or concentration
  • Civil Engineering tracks – General, Structures, Sustainability
  • Electrical Engineering tracks – Electro-Physics, Systems & Data Science
  • Electrical Engineering optional concentration in Biomedical or Energy
  • Mechanical Engineering optional concentration in Aerospace
  • Career and Research interests/questions



How do I plan my next classes?

  1. View your major curriculum check sheet. The check sheets include all requirements to graduate and notes about your curriculum tracks and engineering elective options. The course requirements are laid out as a four year plan starting from calculus I (Math 241) in prerequisite order on the check sheet.
    1. Declared Engineering students see your personal check sheet on the CoE advising website.
    2. Pre-Engineering students please see the check sheets for all of the different curriculum at the link below. View the one you are interested in pursuing.
  2. View your transcript in STAR and mark the boxes of all the courses you have completed or in-progress on your check sheet to help you determine which courses are next on your check sheet.
  3. Check the Prerequisites for the courses you identified as next courses to take.
    1. Course prerequisites are listed in the course descriptions available in the UHM Catalog. You can look them up on the catalog website.
    2. If you do not meet the prereq requirement to take the course, you should be taking the prereq requirement course instead.
    3. Pay attention to prereq minimum grades requirements, if you get a C- or lower in a prereq that requires a C or better you will need to retake that course.
  4. Add up the credits for your next courses and determine the amount of credits you want to take next semester.
    1. 12 credits is the minimum for full time status.
    2. 19 credits is the maximum you can take in a semester.
    3. Talk to your advisor about balancing credit load. And which courses are recommended to stay on track if you need to take fewer courses.


Steps to Complete Mandatory Advising

Follow the set of instructions that applies to your situation below.


Continuing Engineering Student

  1. Login to the CoE Advising Website:
  2. Click on “Edit current advising sheet” to generate a new form for the upcoming semester.
  3. Fill out the advising form with your current courses. And fill out the courses you think you may take next semester and list their prerequisites.
  4. If needed:
    1. Select track (depending on major and class standing),
    2. Select graduation date (if ready to graduate within next two semesters),
    3. Enter discrepancies you see in your records (check sheet or STAR errors)
  5. Hit submit to save your form.
  6. Discuss/Meet with your assigned advisor and have them approve your form to complete advising.


Changing majors within Engineering (ex. current CE major changing to ME major)

  1. Login to the CoE Advising Website:
  2. Click on “Edit current advising sheet” to generate a new form for the upcoming semester.
  3. Fill out the advising form with your current courses. And fill out the courses you think you may take next semester and list their prerequisites.
  4. Hit submit to save your form.
  5. Discuss/Meet with Jill Nakatsu, Director of Academic Affairs, to change your major and go over your new curriculum/course schedule. Appointments


Changing majors outside of Engineering (changing to non-engineering major)

  1. Find the contact for your new major’s advising office at the following website.
  2. Meet an advisor from your new major to fill out that college’s major change form and talk about which courses you should be taking next.
  3. Email CoE SAS Office at after you have met or scheduled your meeting with your new major advisor.
  4. If you would like to discuss staying in engineering or changing to another engineering major then feel free to schedule an appointment with Jill Nakatsu, Director of Academic Affairs. Appointments


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