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An outright gift is one that immediately benefits the University of Hawaiʻi and its students. Cash, real estate, securities, and other assets can be given outright. You may specify where you would like your gift to go, or designate your gift to the “Fund for Excellence” and support the student callers who work to raise private gifts on behalf of the 10 campuses of the UH System.



Cash gifts include checks, drafts, and money orders. If your gift is mailed to the Foundation before the end of the calendar year and you itemize when doing your taxes, you’re eligible for an income tax deduction for that year. Gifts of cash are deductible for up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Cash contributions that exceed the deduction limit may be carried over and deducted in the following five tax years.



University of Hawaiʻi employees may also to make gifts via payroll deductions. Please see your Human Resources/Payroll Office for a salary assignment form. Send completed forms to the UH Foundation, PO Box 11270, Honolulu, HI 96828-0270, Attn: Data Processing.



Almost any marketable real estate (home, vacation property, land, rental property, other real estate) may be gifted to the Foundation, provided the property is unencumbered. Real estate accepted outright by the Foundation is immediately sold so the proceeds can benefit the university’s students, faculty, and programs.

A gift of real estate may entitle you to a charitable deduction of the full fair market value of the property. For gifts of long-term, appreciated real estate the deduction limit is 30% of adjusted gross income with a five-year carry-over period for the excess. You can also bypass capital gains tax on the property.



The donation of stocks and bonds are an effective way for our donors to support our university and students.

Long-term, appreciated securities are those you’ve owned for more than one year and have increased in value. Such a gift would entitle you to a federal income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities on the date of the gift, up to a maximum deduction of 30% of your adjusted gross income for the year if you itemize deductions.

Short-term securities are those you’ve held for less than one year. If you itemize, you will be entitled to a federal income tax deduction for only the purchase price of the securities.

Depreciated securities are those that have declined in value since you bought them. To gain maximum tax benefits from the gift, it is normally recommended that the donor sell these, take the tax loss, and donate the cash proceeds.



Many corporations have Matching Gift programs where a corporation will match gifts their employees make to qualified charities (including the UH Foundation). Matching Gift policies vary from company to company, so please check with your Human Resources Office to see if your employer matches charitable gifts. Many companies will also match charitable gifts of their retirees and employee spouses.



If you would like information on gifts of other assets please contact



Planned Giving Options


You can give cash, appreciated securities, or real estate during your lifetime to the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation, either in one lump sum or, depending on the asset you wish to contribute, by pledging an amount over a number of years. Giving outright provides an immediate benefit and you can see your gift put immediately to good use.



You can make a testamentary gift through your Will or Revocable Living Trust. You can designate a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, the rest and residue of your estate, or a combination of these options. This enables you to retain the use of all of your assets during your lifetime and make your gift when you no longer need those assets.



You can make the UH Foundation, for the benefit of UH, the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or a qualified retirement plan such as an IRA, a 401(k) or a 403(b).



You can make a gift of cash, appreciated securities, or real estate to, or in exchange for, a life-income plan, such as a Charitable Gift Annuity, deferred payment Charitable Gift Annuity, or Charitable Remainder Trust. The significant benefit here is that you receive lifetime income, an income tax deduction, and capital gains savings (if applicable). After you pass away, the remaining assets are distributed to the UH Foundation for the benefit of UH.



You can give a combination of an outright gift and a deferred gift. This enables you to start or fully endow a program or scholarship during your lifetime, and make a provision in your Will or Revocable Living Trust, or through a life-income plan, to add significantly to the endowment after you pass away.



More Information

For more information on estate and gift planning, request a customized planned gift illustration, or setup a personal visit please contact, in confidence, the Office of Estate and Gift Planning at (808) 956-8034 or

Visit to view inspiring donor stories, download informational brochures, or create your own customized gift illustration.


Memorial and Honorary Gifts

A gift in memory of someone is a powerful way to perpetuate the values and ideals that guided someone’s life continue even after they have passed. Honorary gifts commemorate a significant event or someone who is still alive.

If you make a gift in memory of/in honor of someone, we will notify the appropriate family members/colleagues about your gift. We will however keep the gift amount private.

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