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Utilize the below maps to locate the offices of various College of Engineering faculty and staff members that are housed in our principal building, Holmes Hall.

Facilities use by outside parties: If you have made arrangements to utilize one of our College of Engineering-controlled classrooms for your meeting or event, please make sure to read and abide by our Facilities Use Guidelines.

Holmes Hall 1st floor

Mitch Pinkerton H101
Martin Pepper H180


Holmes Hall 2nd floor

Dilmurat Azimov H202
Peter Berkelman H204
Joseph Brown H203
Kelli Ching 200A
Song Choi H240B
Engineering Student Ambassadors H200
Rheza Ghorbani H201
Eunji Jun 201A
Stephen Lau H280
Thong Lien H244A
Jennie Lopez H246
Scott Miller H205
Brennon Morioka H240D
Jill Nakatsu H240A
Kimberly Perez Hults H240J
Justin Scott H240L
Zhuoyuan Song H202A
Delmond Won H246
Jamie Wong H246
Warren Yamauchi H244A
Meredith Yoro H240G


Holmes Hall 3rd floor

Adrian Archilla H341
Roger Babcock H346
Sayed Bateni H342
Roger Chen H337
Chunhee Chio H339
Ningjun Jiang H340
Bardia Konh H305
Jonghyun Lee H336
Do Soo Moon H343
Phillip Ooi H335
Ian Robertson H384
Lin Shen H344
A Zach Trimble H304
Shayna Yee H302
Gang Yuan H303
Guohui Zhang H338
Jean Zhang H383


Holmes Hall 4th floor

June Akers H452
Gurdal Arslan H440
Darren Carlson H444
Yingfei Dong H442
Matthias Fripp H446
Thomas Gaarder H481
Marcelo Kobayashi H445
Ling Ma H483
Tyler Ray H435
Galen Sasaki H436
Wayne Shiroma H484
Myron Sugiki H457
Jeff Weldon H441
Ned Weldon H438
David Yun H480
Yao Zheng H437
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