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Group Photo Of Engineering Student Ambassadors

Engineering Peer Advisors win UH student employee team award

The University of Hawai’i recently celebrated the exceptional contributions of its student employees with the annual Student Employee of the Year awards. The Engineering Peer Advisors, a dedicated team consisting of Janelle Carlos, Treyton Loo, and Misi Unutoa were honored with the prestigious team award.  This is the third year in a row that the College of Engineering has won this award—following back-to-back wins for the Engineering Student Ambassadors, who were also nominated this year, along with the CoE’s FabLab team.  This recognition underscores the significant impact these students have made within the university community, particularly through their roles in advising fellow engineering students, using their vast first-hand experience and knowledge in navigating the challenging path to an engineering degree.

Nominees for these awards are meticulously reviewed through an anonymous process managed by a selection committee. This committee comprises representatives from various segments of the university’s structure, including Faculty Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) staff, and Administrative Support Staff. Their diverse perspectives ensure a balanced and fair assessment of all nominees, reflecting the university’s commitment to recognizing outstanding student contributions across all departments.

In addition to the team award, individual accolades were also given, with Sapphira Akins, Mike Mori, and Chris Kaneshiro being notable nominees. While they did not win this year, their nominations highlight their excellent commitment and service within the university’s engineering community. This annual event not only celebrates student achievement but also reinforces the University of Hawai’i’s dedication to fostering an environment where student employees are valued and recognized for their hard work and dedication.

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