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Outreach Event Galleries

Check our past events in the galleries and descriptions below!

Open House

Open House is an annual event open for incoming students and guests to see what the College of Engineering has to offer. Participants are given to opportunity to hear from our faculty and a featured industry speaker, learn different perspectives from a student panel, as well as tour the various faculty laboratories at the college. We are thankful to DeAnna Hayashi from Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc. for being 2019’s featured speaker!

Junior Expo

During our annual Junior Engineering Expo, middle-school students experience a full-day of engineering challenges. By challenging themselves in various prepared and on-site activities hosted by ASCE Hawaii and the engineering student organizations, students become more exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. While participating in these hands-on game, they are also developing the engineering mindset by thinking outside the box in order to complete the tasks given.

Holmes Hall Challenge

Holmes Hall Challenge is a semester-long project specialized for incoming students to get hands-on experience with the engineering design process. Groups are mentored by their student-led engineering organizations in order to compete against each other. Participants gain mentorship from upperclassmen, important skills from working as a team, and knowledge about the engineering organizations available in the college. For 2019, teams built cardboard boats and competed at reaching the end of the pool in the shortest amount of time.

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