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Three Profile Photos Of Three Professors

College welcomes three new faculty

The College was thrilled to welcome aboard three new faculty this semester.

The Civil & Environmental Engineering department welcomed Dr. Zhiyue “Philip” Wang and Dr. Amin Rafiei.

Dr. Wang comes to us from the University of Minnesota, but received his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Science from Stanford University in 2020.  His research focuses on novel environmental biotechnology, biological wastewater treatment, and nutrient removal and energy recovery.

Dr. Rafiei received his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in 2019, and the goal of his research is to investigate the fundamental behavior of soils in order to (i) build stable foundations for renewable energy devices and hence leverage the exploitation of renewable energy resources. And (ii) to avoid catastrophic failures of geosystems resulting from soil instabilities during extreme events such as storms and earthquakes.

The Electrical & Computer Engineering department welcomed Dr. Paul Schmitt. Dr. Schmitt received his PhD from UC Santa Barbara in 2017, and M.S. and B.A. degrees from the University of St. Thomas. Prior to joining the University of Hawaiʻi, Paul was a research computer scientist at the USC Information Sciences Institute and was previously an associate research scholar at Princeton University. His research interests include networked systems, privacy, network traffic inference and analysis using machine learning, scalable Internet measurement, and connectivity in developing regions. In particular, he is interested in creating immediately deployable solutions that are compatible with existing infrastructures.


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