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Dynamics and Controls for Robots at Mechanical Engineering
Contact:  Frances Zhu (
Location:  Honolulu, HI

Description: Dr. Frances Zhu is seeking two PhD students for paid research assistant positions (position 1 and 2). Position 1 lasts three years and position 2 lasts five years. The research project that position 1 is funded by investigates system identification methods for a dynamic robotic system on planetary surfaces (appended to this call). The research project that position 2 is funded by aims to develop machine learning theory for online optimal decision making in safety critical dynamic robot applications, like spacecraft operations. Position 1 is already defined in scope but position 2 is much more flexible in scope.
The minimum qualifications for position 1 include a Master’s degree in related fields including but not limited to:
•       Mechanical Engineering
•       Aerospace Engineering
•       Electrical Engineering
•       Mathematics
•       Computer Science
•       A related field that you may justify
The minimum qualifications for position 2 include a bachelor’s degree in the same areas.
Students will be evaluated based on the following qualifications or abilities:
•       Academic preparation
•       Related industry or research experience, skills, & potential
o       Algorithm development
o       Ability to ask fundamental questions and articulate evaluation criteria
•       Writing, speaking, teaching abilities
•       Independence, maturity, perseverance, responsibility, creativity, curiosity, passion, ambition
•       Abilities in team work, community engagement (within or outside academia), and supporting justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion
Why should you apply?
•       Desire to pursue PhD in machine learning and space applications (marketable and high paying jobs post-degree)
•       Guaranteed stipend and tuition waiver to UH
•       Ability to work and live in Hawai’i
•       High energy, inclusive lab and mentor

To apply: To respond to this call, email Dr. Frankie Zhu ( your CV, the position(s) you are interested in, and your earliest start date. A cover letter would be nice but is not necessary.

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