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Farewell to our graduating Engineering Student Ambassadors

Mahalo and aloha to our outgoing Engineering Student Ambassadors (ESAs) Tiana Saito, Kevin Liu, and Kacie Shimabukuro!

With strong academic backgrounds, effective communication skills, and a talent for community engagement, they did an outstanding job representing the college as recruiters visiting high school students and working the college’s various outreach events.

Tiana is from Kailua and is a graduate of Hanalani Schools. She decided to major in construction engineering way back in her freshman year of high school because her grandfather would always talk about his job and she found it interesting.

Kacie is from Wahiawa and is also a graduate of Hanalani Schools. She switched from being a biology major because the math and physics courses that were required within the biology course curriculum interested her more than the life science courses.

Kevin is from Honolulu and is a graduate of Roosevelt High School. He chose engineering because from a young age, he was exposed to technology by way of computer games and fiddling with electronics. Thus, his curiosity in computers. He taught us all to “know our limits well, but not to stay within those limits. Overcome the limits each day,” as RM from BTS says.

Farewell to some of our school’s finest.

To apply to become an ESA, please visit our ESA program page.

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