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Photo Of Viet Sang Doan In Front Of Photo Of Hawai'i Hall

Engineering Student wins award for excellence in research

Research has always been an integral part of the UH College of Engineering, and our students reflect that through their numerous research contributions. Although COVID-19 has presented some challenges to the progress of such research activities, much of our students and faculty have continued to persevere in their research endeavors. One example of this can be seen from the accomplishments of Viet Sang Doan, who is currently pursuing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering (ME).

Every year, the UH Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) presents the Student Award for Excellence in Research which recognizes the outstanding research accomplishments of undergraduate and graduate students. While many remarkable students are nominated, only a few are awarded. Recently, Viet Sang Doan received the honor of being a 2021 recipient of this award for his remarkable research accomplishments as a graduate student.

Doan is currently working on the phoretic transport of micro/nanoparticles in complex environments at the Thermofluids Lab in the ME department. Through studying the effect that environment has on particle migration, the capability to control the motion particles with phoretic transport is enabled. Doan’s research has the potential applications in numerous processes such as drug delivery, energy-efficient water treatment, and bioremediation.

When asked how receiving this prestigious award will affect him, Doan stated that “this award is the recognition for [his] works at the beginning of [his] research journey,” and that it also “gives [him] a big inspiration to continue to follow [his] research career.”

As the recipient of the OVCR Student Award for Excellence in Research, Doan will receive a $1000 monetary award ($500 from the OVCR and $500 from the Research Corporation of UH).

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