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Recruiter Talking To A Job Seeker.

College preps for first ever virtual Career Day

September 23rd will mark another first for the college. This time is will be the first ever virtual Career Day in college history. Space is limited with 65 employers having already signed up to participate. Fortunately, a few spots are still available and recruiters may register through Sept. 18. Also for the first time, attendees/students must register ahead of time to participate–though it only takes a minute.

The AM session features military, government, and mainland organizations while the PM session is reserved for local private firms. Therefore, students are encouraged to register for both and pop on in when they are available. It is also highly recommend that students upload their resume to the virtual event portal, as employers will be able to preview candidates ahead of time and review their resumes if they are made available. UH alumni of all years are also encouraged to attend.

To participate, please visit the event page here.

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